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Has your dentist or dental hygienist ever told you during your dental visit that you have bleeding gums? Bleeding gums are one symptom of gum disease, commonly referred to as gingivitis. You may have noticed that your gums bleed while you brush or floss your teeth at home.

It is vital to take the necessary steps to treat and reverse the effects of gum disease before it progresses to a severe condition. Bleeding gums can act as an entryway or portal for bacteria in the mouth to enter the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, that bacteria can travel to various parts of the body and affect those areas.

Bacteria In The Bloodstream

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In health, blood is sterile, which means that it does not contain bacteria. When bacteria are present in the blood, it triggers an immune response in your body. While the immune system is meant to respond to bacteria, when the response is constant, it becomes a chronic condition. Having a chronic issue causes harm to the body.

New studies confirm that chronic oral issues are a serious risk to the overall health of the body. Increased risks of stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and premature births are all associated with diseases of the mouth.

Prevention Of Bleeding Gums

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While bacteria are always present in the mouth, having excellent oral hygiene is key to keeping bacterial loads under control. When bacteria are not removed through a proper oral care routine, significant issues arise.

The process of flossing and brushing teeth disrupts the bacteria from settling in the mouth and hardening. Once plaque bacteria hardens, it cannot be removed through regular brushing and flossing at home. Professional cleaning by a dental professional is needed to remove hardened plaque (tartar).

For most people, regular brushing and flossing are enough. However, some patients may require additional cleaning aids depending on their oral health. Specific tools can access hard to reach areas of the mouth, clean under braces, clean, wide spaces between the teeth, etc. Ask your dental professional for tooth cleaning aids that will work best for your mouth.

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