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What Is A Bone Graft?

A bone graft is a surgical, dental procedure performed to fix a lack of bone in the mouth.

Why Is A Bone Graft Needed?

For Gum Recession: Low gum tissue is known as gum recession, gingival recession or recession. Low gum levels can lead to increased sensitivity when eating or drinking. If gum recession is not treated, it usually becomes worse. As the gums continue to lower, more of the tooth becomes exposed. Increased tooth or tooth root exposure leads to sensitivity. The gum tissue rests on top of the bone in the mouth. As the bone levels lower, so do the gums. A bone graft is used to build the bone levels up which also brings the gum tissues up.

To Accommodate Dental Implants: To ensure successful placement of a dental implant, there needs to be enough bone in the area of the mouth that will hold the dental implant. For some patients, this means that bone grafting will be necessary. If a missing tooth is not replaced after it is lost, bone loss will occur in the affected area. If a lot of bone is lost in the affected area, a bone graft will be necessary to ensure that the dental implant can be properly secured to the jawbone.

Better Denture Fitment: As bone is lost, there is an uneven area for the dentures to sit atop. An uneven area will cause the dentures to slip and slide when chewing or speaking.

upper denture

To Repair Damage or Trauma: If trauma has occurred to a certain part of the mouth or teeth, the supporting bone may also be damaged. A bone graft will be able to replace lost or damaged bone.

What Is The Process?

If there is moderate bone loss, the first step is to gain access to the affected area. A small opening is made, and the bone in the area is prepared to receive the bone grafting material.

The bone grafting material may be made of natural or synthetic bone grafting granules. In some cases, some of your natural bone may be mixed with different bone grafting materials to ensure the best result. If some of your bone is used, it is usually taken from the wisdom tooth area and only involves a small amount of bone.

After the grafting material is placed, a special membrane is placed over the area and sutured to keep everything protected. The bone heals and integrates with your natural bone.

The amount of bone grafting material and the time required to complete healing depends on the amount of bone loss present.

If you notice that your dentures are sitting unevenly or you think you have bone loss, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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