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Why Is Bone Loss Treatment Necessary?

Bone loss in the mouth is not easily noticeable in the beginning stages because the bone is usually lost slowly over time. Since the gums cover the jaw bone, dental x-rays are the best way to detect bone and monitor bone levels in the mouth. When there is moderate to severe bone loss, the changes may be visible without the need for dental x-rays. With moderate bone loss, the teeth may become slightly loose and are able to be moved a small amount when pressure is applied. With severe bone loss, the teeth will be noticeably loose or mobile. As the bone levels shrink, the gums shrink with them as well, this results in the teeth having an elongated look.

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In order to avoid shrinking bone levels and gum tissue, it is important to stop the underlying cause of the bone loss and replace the lost bone.

What Are The Treatment Options?

Bone loss treatment options include preventing any further bone loss and replacing the bone that was last in the mouth.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting treatment is performed when too much bone has been lost in the mouth. In cases of moderate to severe bone loss, bone grafting is performed to help increase the bone levels, in order to provide adequate bone for supporting the teeth. Bone grafting is also used in cases where enough bone is not available for the dental implant. When dental implants are placed, a minimum amount of bone is required in order for a secure and stable fit.

In addition to replacing lost bone in the mouth, the newly placed bone can help to stimulate the jawbone and encourage growth of new natural bone.

Periodontal Treatment

periodontal treatment brampton dentist salvaggio

Before performing bone grafting treatment, it is important to treatment any type of periodontal disease since untreated periodontal disease will lead to further bone loss. Your dental professional will prepare a treatment plan in order to restore your oral health and prevent further bone loss. Routine periodontal maintenance appointments

If you notice that your teeth seem a little loose or your gums are receding, it may indicate that bone loss has occurred or is still occurring. Contact us to schedule your dental check-up, your dental professional will be able to tell you if you bone levels are within normal limits or if preventive changes are needed.



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