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dental bite deprogrammer in brampton

What is a deprogrammer?

A deprogrammer is a removable oral device that resembles a retainer. It allows your dentist to evaluate your existing bite pattern and make adjustments to your bite for optimal comfort and function. Often, the way we bite is determined by both the alignment of our teeth and the way our brain is trained to chew. For example, patients with sensitivity or toothaches may favour chewing on one side of the mouth, instead of the affected area. This type of habit can lead to premature or accelerated wear on one side.

Benefits of a deprogrammer

We keep our smiles healthy with regular oral hygiene care, through regular brushing and flossing and sometimes, teeth whitening. We don’t always realize that our bite and our habits, can affect the health and longevity of our smiles. When your jaw and bite are not in an optimal position, it can affect your teeth, jaw, neck and cause temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Symptoms may include headaches, toothaches, neck pain, earache, hearing issues, ringing in the ears and shoulder pain.

A deprogrammer adjusts your bite into an optimal position, which can alleviate these issues. Teeth that are not properly aligned may experience premature wear. Over time, this situation will become worse and chewing and speaking function will be affected. This oral device can be used to prevent premature wear to the teeth when the teeth are not in proper alignment.

Wearing the deprogrammer

You can typically expect to wear the deprogrammer for up to one month, but your dentist will advise you based on your oral conditions. The appliance can be removed when eating. While wearing the appliance, it can take a few days to adapt to wearing it. In some cases, a little bit of soreness may be experienced, but the soreness will subside as the muscles relax.
If you have any of the above symptoms, let your dentist know. There are many treatment options available to help improve your bite and smile.


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