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diastema gap tooth

What is a Diastema?

It is a gap or space between your teeth. Most of the gaps or spaces are present in the two front top teeth, but they can occur between other teeth as well in other cases. Some celebrities are known for their diastema, such as Madonna, Johnny Depp and Elijah Wood.

What Causes a Diastema?

Children can experience diastemas when they lose their baby teeth. When their adult teeth come in, the spaces are usually closed in most cases. Differences in tooth sizes can also cause diastemas. They are also caused by an enlarged labial frenulum or missing teeth. Other reasons may be due to tooth alignment problems, such as overjet. Size differences between the size of the teeth and the jaw bones can cause crowded teeth or spaces/gaps between the teeth (diastemas). When teeth are much smaller than the jaw bone, gaps or spaces between the teeth will occur. Habits such as excessive or aggressive thumb sucking can also create gaps if the front teeth are moved forward. Habits such as tongue thrusting when swallowing can cause gaps or spaces to develop as well.

If the gap is a result of a significant size difference between adult teeth and jaw size, the spaces will most likely remain unchanged for life. Spaces or gaps that are caused by tongue thrusting, the gap will get larger over time.

Diastema Treatment Options

Some may get braces which move the teeth together and closer together to close the space or gap.

Invisalign, which is an alternative to traditional metal braces may also be used to help reduce or close the extra spaces between teeth. Invisalign uses clear trays to help gradually move your teeth into position. They are removable as well, which is helpful when eating.

Small lateral incisors can be fixed by widening them through the use of dental veneers, dental crowns, or dental bonding.

If there is a space due to missing teeth, a dental bridge, dental implants or a partial denture can be used to fill in the gap.

If an oversized labial frenulum causes the diastema, the frenum can be made smaller through a surgical procedure called a frenectomy.

before and after treatment of a diastema

Diastema corrected by Invisalign

If you have a diastema that you would like to get reduced or eliminated, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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