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What Is A Fissured Tongue?

A fissured tongue is exactly like the name describes a tongue with fissures on its surface. It is not a cause for concern, and it is considered a normal variation. Fissured tongue affects roughly five percent of the population. It affects men slightly more than women. This condition occurs during childhood; however, it is more prominent in adults. Fissures may become more defined with age.

While the exact cause is not known, it may be inherited. Fissured tongue may accompany these other conditions:

Geographic tongue: This is a condition that commonly shows up with fissured tongue. This condition is not a serious issue, and there are no significant side effects.

girl with geographic tongue

Image of girl with geographic tongue

Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome: This is a rare condition causing swelling of the lips and face. Additionally, it causes periodic facial paralysis and a fissured tongue.

Characteristics Of A Fissured Tongue:

  • Fissures, grooves, or tracks that appear on the surface and sides of the tongue.
  • There may be a large fissure in the middle of the tongue as shown in the image below
  • Fissures are only on the tongue, and nowhere else in the mouth.
  • Varying fissure depths, sometimes as much as 6 mm deep.
  • May have a sectional or separated type of look on the surface of the tongue.
person with a fissured tongue

By Laila – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0


You are unlikely to have symptoms due to having a fissured tongue unless significant build-up occurs in grooves of the tongue. However, small amounts of patients report a burning sensation with this condition. The bacterial build-up in the grooves of the tongue irritates the tongue. It is essential to keep the tongue free of build-up. Additionally, bad breath is reported


Since this condition has no severe complications or symptoms, there are no treatment options. Avoiding build-up by cleaning the tongue regularly avoids issues for most people.


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