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What is Gum Contouring?

If you feel like your gums are too low or too high on your teeth, then gum contouring can help to change your smile. Gum contouring surgery is also referred to as tissue sculpting or gum reshaping. It is a cosmetic dental procedure that can adjust an uneven gum line and improve your smile.

Why Are My Gums Uneven?

When the gum covers a large portion of the teeth, it can make teeth look smaller than they are. This could be due to genetics, specific health issues, or taking certain types of prescription drugs.

Gum recession is another reason why your gums can make your teeth appear longer. If you have gum recession, the gum tissue pulls away from a tooth and exposes more of the tooth. In severe cases of gum recession, so much gum tissue can be lost that the root of the tooth is shown. If gum recession is left untreated, it can cause serious dental issues such as decay and tooth loss.  Since more tooth surface is exposed with gum recession, there is an increased chance of developing cavities on these areas, if they are not cleaned properly.  Gum recession can also accompany periodontal disease which involves the breakdown of the gums and bone that surrounds teeth.  Aggressive brushing of your teeth can also cause gum recession.

Treating Uneven Gums

Gum contouring is considered a cosmetic procedure if it is not needed for health or function. In some cases, it is needed when performing other periodontal procedures, such as lengthening a crown or reducing periodontal pockets.  When gum tissue is added to help with gum recession, it is not considered a cosmetic procedure.

Gum contouring is done in the dental office and usually only takes around one hour. Dentists may use lasers or scalpels to perform the procedure. In some cases, some of the bone may need to be contoured as well for best results.  Many patients report little to no discomfort during the procedure, since a local anesthetic is used.

Gingival contouring can have many benefits such as improving your appearance, self-confidence and making it easier to smile.  If you are not happy with the way your teeth or gums look, contact us to see if gum contouring surgery can help.

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