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toothbrush - choosing the right brush

Toothbrush Selection

Toothbrush selection can be a quick and easy decision for some or result in a time consuming process. Have you ever stared at a store display of toothbrushes or picked up every toothbrush and still didn’t know which one to choose?

This guide will help you select the right one for your needs.

Hard? Medium? Soft?

When selecting a toothbrush, some people choose the hardest bristled one, because they associate it with a better cleaning experience.  When the correct brushing technique is used, a soft bristled toothbrush will leave your teeth properly cleaned.  You should never use a hard or medium bristled toothbrush under any circumstance.

Using a hard or medium toothbrush for an extended period of time will result in damage to your teeth and gums.  Prolonged use of hard and medium bristles can cause gum recession and tooth abrasion.

Example of Gum Recession.


Manual or Electric Powered?

One question that many patients ask, is whether they should be a manual or electric toothbrush.  Those who currently use a manual toothbrush may wonder if switching to electric will improve the oral health of their mouth.  Research shows that manual and electric toothbrushes are both effective when the correct technique is used.  One consideration for the use of an electric brush is for those who have issues with dexterity.

If you suffer from arthritis or any other condition that makes it difficult to hold or grasp a things correctly, using an electric toothbrush may help to provide you with a better cleaning experience.  Most electric toothbrushes have a thicker handle or base which helps with those who have a hard time gripping or holding a thinner toothbrush.

There are other factors that could influence your decision, just as bristle layout and lengths but choosing a soft toothbrush is a must.  Follow these tips the next time you are in the store and you should be able to narrow down your choices quickly.  Remember to change your toothbrush when the bristles become splayed or after you have recovered from a cold of the flu.



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