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What Causes Loose Baby Teeth?

Most of us know that baby teeth eventually become loose and fall out without much effort. However, there are times when a baby tooth becomes loose prematurely or too early. Baby teeth (milk teeth) become loose, and naturally, fall out to make room for the permanent adult teeth. Baby teeth become loose due to trauma to injury as well. Dental decay or cavities cause loose baby teeth as well.

Why Do Loose Baby Teeth Matter?

If baby teeth eventually fall out, do you need to worry about baby teeth that fall out early? If the baby teeth are loose very prematurely, it is a cause for concern. The best thing is to check with your dentist or dental professional if you notice a prematurely loose baby teeth.

milk tooth

Chewing Function: When a tooth or more than one tooth is prematurely lost, chewing ability is affected. Without an opposing tooth on the opposite top or bottom, it isn’t possible to bite or eat food properly.

Alignment: Baby teeth maintain space for the adult or permanent teeth to come into the mouth. Adult teeth may erupt into the mouth misaligned when a baby tooth is lost prematurely. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, the nearby teeth drift into the empty area left by the baby tooth. When another tooth drifts into a space it should not be, the eruption of the permanent teeth is affected. When an adult tooth is lost prematurely, adult teeth will drift into the empty area as well.

What Can Be Done?

The best course of action is always prevention or early intervention. Even though it may not seem necessary for younger children to see a dentist without any visible issues, dental visits are vital for preventive care and oral education. Regular dental visits help identify any potential problems and treat issues before they progress to something more severe.

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If a tooth is already lost, interceptive treatment may be required to help maintain space for the adult teeth. An orthodontist normally does this type of treatment. However, it is not like traditional orthodontics. It is done to prevent issues in the future by maintaining space for the adult teeth to come into the mouth.

It is not recommended that a prematurely loose baby tooth be reinserted back into the empty socket. Trying to insert a baby tooth back into the socket has the potential to damage the developing adult tooth that will erupt later on.

If your child has a loose tooth or has lost their baby teeth prematurely, contact your dentist.


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