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Why Replace A Missing Tooth?

At some point during their lifetime, most people will have a missing tooth or experience tooth loss. Most people will replace a missing front tooth right away because it affects their appearance in a big way. This is especially true when it comes to a front tooth, since it has a big impact on their smile. When it comes to back teeth, however, not everyone understands the importance of replacing a missing tooth soon.

Don’t Think You Need To Replace A Missing Tooth?

If you delay replacing a missing tooth or leave the space empty, changes occur that affect your smile and jaw function. Teeth near the space of the lost tooth begin to shift or tilt towards the space. Shifting or tilting leads to a bite that seems off due to misaligned teeth. When there is a space, if there is a tooth opposite of the space, that tooth will usually continue to erupt or grow outwards, and appear to be at a higher level than the surrounding teeth. For example, if you have a missing bottom tooth, the tooth that is on top and opposite of the space, will continue to erupt out and drive itself further down than the nearby top teeth. This can result in an uneven smile line. Chewing function will also be affected because there is no opposite biting surface to chew food against.

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Another change that occurs is the loss of jaw bone. During normal conditions, your jaw bone helps to anchor or hold your teeth in place. When a tooth or teeth are missing, the jaw bone is no longer stimulated during eating. As a result, the jaw bone shrinks, this is also called resorption. A change in jaw bone structure can affect your appearance and lead to a sunken look, depending on the area of bone loss and the severity of the bone loss.

Consider Dental Implants

There are many options available to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The best option for most people is dental implants. The success of dental implants depends on your daily oral care habits and the amount of jaw bone you have available to secure the dental implant into. If a space is left for a long period, bone loss will occur, this can make securing dental implants harder. While there are methods to build up the lost bone, the best case is to always use your natural bone.

If you have a tooth or teeth that you would like replaced, call us to schedule a consultation. We will find an option that suits your needs.


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