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School Lunches For Good Dental Health

Now that the school season has started again, so has the daily task of preparing school lunches that are tasty and nutritious. It is important to prepare lunches that are good for your child’s overall health and oral health. Your child’s teeth and gums require a variety of minerals and vitamins in order to grow and become strong. Foods that are rich in nutrients will strengthen the teeth and make them less prone to tooth decay.

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Foods that contain vitamin D and calcium are important for the maintenance and growth of strong and healthy teeth. Calcium aids in strengthening the enamel and vitamin D allows the calcium to be absorbed easily into the body. Magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and phosphorus are also important for good oral health.

Follow these tips to ensure that school lunches are nutritious and good for oral health.

Vitamins – Foods such as red peppers, yellow peppers, oranges, and strawberries are good sources of vitamin C. Cooked sweet potatoes, carrots and cheddar cheese are good sources of vitamin A.

tooth-friendly foods pepper

Calcium – Foods such as cheese, milk, and yogurt are high in calcium. Eating cheese stimulates the production of saliva which helps to wash away food particles from your teeth. Choose yogurt that has no added sugar.

vitamin c rich foods

Protein –  Fish, and poultry provide phosphorous, which is used by the body for development of the teeth.

Snacks – Snacks should contain some protein, minerals, and vitamins if possible. Avoid snacks that have added sugar or are very sticky in consistency. Sticky or sugary snacks remain stuck to teeth and in between teeth which increase the risk of decay.

Drinks – Avoid giving colas, fruit juices with added sugar or fruit juices high in sugar since they increase the chances of dental decay. Choose water and milk instead since water can help to flush away acid residue from certain foods and milk can help to remineralize teeth.

Additional Tips

Ensuring that they brush before bedtime is crucial because all the plaque build-up and remaining food debris, can be removed before going to sleep. By establishing good oral and eating habits early in life, you can instill healthy habits for a lifetime. It is also important to ensure that your child rinses after every meal to wash away any food debris and residual acid on the tooth surfaces.


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