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Sports Guard & Sports Safety

While playing sports is a great way to keep active, sports safety should be kept in mind. In addition to wearing protective gear to protect your body and head, you should also use a sports guard. A custom-made sports guard or mouth guard is necessary to ensure that you have complete protection.

When Are They Needed?

Any type of sport that includes physical contact or projectiles requires a custom-made sports guard. Any type of sport where there is a potential for physical contact should be played with a custom-made sports or mouth guard. Examples of sports where a mouth guard is needed include hockey, basketball, football, volleyball, etc.

various sports equipment

How To Choose?

When it comes to choosing a sports guard, custom-made is always the best option. A generic mouth guard offers minimal protection when playing sports due to its fit. Generic mouth guards offer a universal fit which cannot reasonably suit both a small and large mouth. There is also a risk of generic mouth guards becoming loose or falling out. A custom-made sports guard is uniquely fitted to your mouth and bite to offer a snug fit.

custom fitted sportsguard

How Do I Get One?

A dental professional such as a dental or dental hygienist can create custom-made sports guards. The first step is a visit to your dental office to have a dental impression taken. The dental impression captures your tooth’s shape and your bite. The impression is used to create a mouth guard that results in an accurate fit. An accurate fit ensures that any damaging forces to the mouth and teeth are evenly distributed. It only takes a couple of days to make a custom-made sports guard so remember to schedule an appointment with your dentist before the sports season starts to make sure you are fully protected.


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